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Madeira Adventures

There is loads of adventure that can be found in Madeira. On land or sea you can bet that there are lots of exciting things that can be done. The weather in Madeira also alllows most activities to take place for most part of the year. Madeira island holidays are recommended for old and young alike and is ideal for family holidays, group holidays and individuals.

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Due to Madeira being a volcanic island, there is dramtic scenery of mountains and valleys. Here you will find some exciting trekking paths on the highest peaks which reach 1860 meters.

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Jeep Tours
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If you are planning on exploring the island, there is no better way, then doing so by jeep. You get to see the true beauty of the island from a whole new perspective.

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Big Game Fishing
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Big Game Fishing in Madeira has really become very popular. The thrill of angliing a 1000 pound fish is indescribable. Blue Marlin can be found in abundance during the months of May to October.

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Dolphin Swim
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Swimming with dolphins in Madeira has to be one of the most exciting adventures one can have. There is a wide variety of dolphns & whales that visit our waters right throughout the year.

Madeira dolphin swim

Catamaran Trips
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Madeira Catamaran has two catamarans that offer 3 hour trips to observe dolphins & whales, twice a day. They even offer a free trip if you do not get to see anything, the first time around.

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Diving Excursions
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Madeira diving seems to be groing in popularity. The crystal clear waters of the Atlantic and the mild temperatures of the water, 18º - 22º, makes this a possible adventure, all year around.

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Madeira Canyoning is not only a very adventureous activity but you get to see some of earths most fantastic scneries along the way. Using mountaineering equipment you get to climb down canyons & waterfalls, as well as swim in natural pools.

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Mountain Biking
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Go Madeira biking from the highest peaks down to the valleys below and experience the sense of freedom, tranquility and fresh air while you get to see the dramatic scenery that, that part of the island has to offer.

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Horse Riding
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Try horse riding in Madeira through some of the winding trails that can be found, through the laurissilva forest. This activity is for beginners and experienced riders alike.

Madeira horse riding